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Brandon_4**Update as of 03/28/17: Brandon recently accepted an offer to work harvest at Williams Selyem Winery in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California as a cellar worker. This will be his second vintage.

Brandon Anders graduated from the University at Albany in May of 2014, with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Prior to transferring to Albany in the fall of 2011, Brandon earned his Associate degree in Theatre Arts from SUNY Ulster. He has a love of theatre that never takes a day off, and a passion for writing that did not end on his day of graduation. Many people familiar with Brandon’s time in the theatre would be familiar with his acting. But, acting is only part of his story. Brandon works full time, while continuing to write plays. He finds inspiration from his personal experiences, and takes pride in using his theatre pieces to create a dialogue addressing difficult and emotionally charged subjects. Brandon is an example of what is possible with love and dedication to the theatre. He enthusiastically looks forward to what the future has in store, and welcomes opportunities to continue learning and growing in his art. Future mentors will find this versatile and personable playwright to be ready and willing to take on new challenges that push his talents to the next level.

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